Our world is getting smaller and communities are becoming more diverse. We find ourselves moving halfway around the globe on expatriate assignments; engaging in a cross-cultural relationship or partnership; running virtual businesses with employees overseas, and managing intercultural teams.

I joined NetExpat in 2018 to provide Talent Management Solutions, Intercultural Solutions, and Partner Assistance to numerous corporate clients. NetExpat is a leading global provider in assessing, training and coaching for mobile employees and their partners. NetExpat was founded over 20 years ago and currently has offices in over 80 countries worldwide.  Our growing team consists of over 500 experts, and we are proudly ISO 9001 certified.

Support and advice on:

  • Scientifically validated web-based expat assessment and self-awareness tool ExpAdviser© helps employers, future expats, and their families anticipate potential issues linked to the expatriation challenges. It assesses a subject’s “expatriability” to a specific location. Results are validated with the respondent during a conversation with a certified expert
  • A concise and convenient intercultural training program, combined with a hands-on personal coaching program upon arrival in the host country
  • The expat faces a diverse set of challenges linked to a new job, business environment, and the impact of the move on the family. Expat coaching targets mobile employees in the broadest sense, empowering expats in three types of programs: pre-expatriation, upon-arrival, and repatriation support
  • Whether the accompanying expat partner wishes to study, work, take care of their family or have some time off, our partner assistance programs will ensure he/she makes the best of it
Ann Elliott
Ann Elliott
Certified Professional Global Executive Coach & Consultant
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