This module provides support and advice on Personalized Programs for businesspeople & individuals who wish to create a portable career that will maintain their professional identity while enabling them to live as an expatriate with an international lifestyle.

We conduct a series of assessments and develop a coherent master plan suitable for action in multiple career fields and destination countries of choice:

  • Strengths assessment exploration using Strengthscope Strengths Assessment tools.
  • Key skills, values, passions, and achievements analysis
  • Portable career diagnostics and alignment mapping
  • Actionable long term career development planning
  • Definition of target industry and company audiences and the creation of a distinct and unique personal brand
  • Establishment of an effective online presence through LinkedIn, websites, blogs, and social media
  • Goal setting and master plan development to project high visibility and differentiation in a crowded global marketplace
  • Strategic construction of a global network and leveraging it to realize options and goals
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Ann Elliott
Ann Elliott
Senior Executive, Leadership and Career Coach
Integration and Cross Cultural Coaching
Job Search Consulting
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