These are a series of coaching sessions intended to address the non-financial aspects of retirement and preparing executives for their lives after they retire and withdraw from a workplace environment and an established lifestyle and emotional security they have known since an early age.

We address a number of salient and possibly new & uncharted thoughts and mindsets, including:

  • Understanding what each individual really would like from their retirement.
  • Exploring opportunities and establishing what kind of lifestyle they would like to live and why that is important.
  • Identifying and understanding the myriad of emotional issues which can hold clients back from transitioning into a successful retirement, managing expectations, and avoiding any drama or stress that can result from the substantial change from a known and structured work environment to a very new and different life of retirement.
  • Addressing the non-financial issues which accompany a client’s transition into retirement, to gain a broader understanding of the anxieties that may accompany the prospect of exiting one’s career, which may be causing a client to postpone it.
  • Forming a clear understanding of these issues and how they may affect a client, and working together to develop strategies to manage these issues and make them work for, rather than hindering, imminent retirees.
  • Developing a coherent and attainable retirement plan for what you are actually going to do in your retirement and how to accomplish these set goals and avoiding ‘throw-away’ answers such ‘golfing, fishing, or I don’t know…’ when asked what you will do in retirement.
  • Adopting a mindset that can allow clients to “live” their plan and enjoy a meaningful and successful retirement.
Ann Elliott
Ann Elliott
Senior Executive, Leadership and Career Coach
Integration and Cross Cultural Coaching
Job Search Consulting
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