What is the most important thing you need starting or developing your business? Skills, expertise, connection? For me it is a strong determination and keeping your spirit and energy high along the way. And that’s where I got tremendous support from Ann. I was truly lucky to get to know her and receive her kind support in the very early stages of my entrepreneurial journey. Her presence, empathy, reassurance as well as gentle questioning of my thinking were of incredible value for me helping to multiply my strengths and maintain positive outlook in the most challenging situations.

I have known Ann for over 10-years and I am delighted to provide her with the recommendation. I have witnessed Ann develop her coaching practice, experience, professional learning, qualifications, and accreditation. I look for opportunities work with Ann in Thailand as her understanding of Thai culture, along with her ability to speak Thai, makes it easy for us to do business locally. When Ann agrees to deliver a coaching programme, I know it will get delivered at a very high standard.